Trekking Sant Honorat

Trekking Sant Honorat: Itinerary through rocky trails that give you the chance to sight the spectacular gulley (deep channels) in the conglomerate terrain. Having reached the peak you can enjoy views of the majority of dams of Oliana and Rialp. It is a highly recommended hiking itinerary that goes through a much undiscovered area.

From Solsona: 50 minutes

Age: from 9 years of age

Requirements: wear good mountain footwear

Price: 45€/participant, with a minimum of 4 participants

Time: 6-7h

Season: All-year round

Difficulty: Difficult

* Tirantmilles reserves the right to cancel the activity if weather conditions are not right, offering the possibility to specify another date for carrying it.

Book from the web and enjoy a 10% in the second activity

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