Trekking “Pont Tibetà”

Trekking “Pont Tibetà” :Hiking itinerary in the municipality of Odèn. It entails an 8-kilometre trail along poorly marked paths which go through the depth of the Rasa de la Perdiu, including a 35-metre long suspension bridge. During this traverse we visit a fit out cave of the “Emboscats” (refugees of the civil war). From Solsona: […]

Trekking Busa

Trekking Busa: Hiking itinerary that goes around the Busa Plain. A very interesting route due to the diversity of sites to visit along the way, such as: the Southern cliff with a height of up to 145 metres and a length of 1.2 kilometres, the Sant Cristòfol de Busa hermitage, the Prison, the entrances of […]

Trekking Sant Honorat

Trekking Sant Honorat: Itinerary through rocky trails that give you the chance to sight the spectacular gulley (deep channels) in the conglomerate terrain. Having reached the peak you can enjoy views of the majority of dams of Oliana and Rialp. It is a highly recommended hiking itinerary that goes through a much undiscovered area. From […]

Trekking ½ day or 1 day

Trekking ½ day or 1 day: We can also recommend an itinerary based on the participants’ profiles, completing peaks and circular routes all around the Pyrenees (Pedraforca, Pica d’estats, Cavalls del Vent, Carros de Foc…). During the months of July and August, we can also organise guided routes around Chamonix, Montblanc o the Tour of […]