Snow shoes

Snow shoes: Circular itinerary around the Padró dels quatre Batlles Mountain, the highest peak of the Solsonès region. The start of the excursion depends on the quality of the snow, making sure to walk the maximum distance possible on virgin snow, where nobody has yet walked. We guarantee sensations of wilderness and mountain. From Solsona: […]


Canyoning: Descent of the bank of a gorge-type river during which we overcome the drops with abseiling-rappel techniques, jumps or slides. Depending on the participants’ profiles and the time of year, we can descend a canyon with more water or one with more rope manoeuvres. From Solsona: 30 minutes Age: from 7 years of age […]

Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle: Stand Up Paddles do not require previous experience. An activity for all ages and recommended to maintain a good physical condition. There is a changing room and the bar and “terrace” overlook the lake, an ideal space for relaxing accompanying persons. The rent includes explanation of rules and operation, life jacket, paddle […]

Trekking “Pont Tibetà”

Trekking “Pont Tibetà” :Hiking itinerary in the municipality of Odèn. It entails an 8-kilometre trail along poorly marked paths which go through the depth of the Rasa de la Perdiu, including a 35-metre long suspension bridge. During this traverse we visit a fit out cave of the “Emboscats” (refugees of the civil war). From Solsona: […]

Trekking Sant Honorat

Trekking Sant Honorat: Itinerary through rocky trails that give you the chance to sight the spectacular gulley (deep channels) in the conglomerate terrain. Having reached the peak you can enjoy views of the majority of dams of Oliana and Rialp. It is a highly recommended hiking itinerary that goes through a much undiscovered area. From […]

Trekking ½ day or 1 day

Trekking ½ day or 1 day: We can also recommend an itinerary based on the participants’ profiles, completing peaks and circular routes all around the Pyrenees (Pedraforca, Pica d’estats, Cavalls del Vent, Carros de Foc…). During the months of July and August, we can also organise guided routes around Chamonix, Montblanc o the Tour of […]

Bungee or bridge jumping

Bungee or bridge jumping: Jump from a bridge using the pendulum technique. Bungee jumping consists of jumping from the side of a bridge tied to a double rope with a full harness; the ropes are anchored on the opposite side of the jumper, creating a big pendulum. The height of the bridge is 22 metres, and […]

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking: Circular route around the Sant Ponç dam. 17.5 kilometres of trails with hardly any slopes; perfect for families. During summer months it is possible to stop along the way to have a swim, and during other months of the year, various stops can be made to observe the fauna and flora of the […]

Orientation races

Orientation races: A great activity for groups (company, friends, farewells, family, etc.) during which various teams compete to try to find a number of markers in the least possible time, with the help of a map and a compass, and using orientation skills. It can be done on land or half-half (half on land, half in […]


Kayaks: The renting of self-bailing type kayaks which do not need previous experience. The establishment has available a changing room and a bar with an outside “terrace” with views of the dam, an ideal place for fellow travelers to rest. The renting includes an explanation of the norms and how to use the life jacket, […]